Massage Recliner with Heat and Ottoman (Beige or Camouflage)

by Relaxzen
  • The ultimate in leisurely comfort, featuring 8 powerful vibration massage motors and extra plush cushioning
  • 4 zones target relaxation to the full back, legs, thighs or lumbar; includes lumbar heat 
  • 5 intensity levels and 9 massage modes further personalize massage experience
  • Handsomely finished in PU leather with wood base that swivels; includes matching ottoman
  • Measures 32.3" W x 35" D x 40.6" H

This Relaxzen Massage Recliner is what all recliners should be. It's as irresistibly as comfortable as it looks, upholstered in extra soft, PU leather with extra plush foam cushioning. It features an enveloping design with specially angled matching ottoman to position and thoroughly relax the body like few recliners can. In addition, the handsome wood base swivels with ease. When it's time to massage, this recliner has you covered, starting with 8 powerful, specially-placed vibrating massage motors to hit the spot every time. Using the conveniently located hand remote, you can target 4 zones – full back, legs, thighs or lumbar. To further personalize the experience, you can choose from 5 intensity levels and 9 massage modes. There is also lumbar heat you can turn on or off as you wish. This is the ultimate in leisurely comfort, even with massage turned off, and truly something special when it's on. All at a surprisingly comfortable price from an early innovator in massage seating.