Standard Size Ventilated Seat Cushion (Multiple Colors)

by Kool Kooshion
Sold out
  • New and improved series with 30% more coil spring and improved Nylon Banded Edge; stronger, more durable with added comfort, support and ventilation   
  • Ventilated design offers air flow between your body and the vehicle's seat material 
  • Neutral color schemes match most interior designs; elastic flex-fit strap easily and firmly secures cushion to seat
  • Universal fit for all types of vehicles, including most bucket or bench seats; also works great for office or desk chairs
  • Measures 17.5" wide by 35" long (unfolded) and 1" thick

The Kool Kooshion Ventilated Seat Cushion makes for the perfect companion on the road, at home or in the office. In fact, Kool Kooshion introduced one of the first ventilated car seat cushions way back in 1919. This seat cushion is made from triple nylon stitching, vinyl hinge strips and snag proof coil springs, which extends comfort when seated for long periods. The snag proof coil springs not only keep you cool and comfortable, they add support to your regular seat by giving you a firmer, more supportive seating experience. As a company that continually improves its products, this seat cushion is no exception; now with 30% more coil spring and improved Nylon Banded Edge. And it not only works well in your car or truck, it keeps you comfortable in your office chair, all at a price that's hard to pass up.