Faux Leather Full Seat Cushion (Black or Beige)

by Kool Kooshion
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  • Uniquely ventilated inner cushion design; padding is soft, 100% polyurethane foam
  • PU leather is 100% water repellent and enhances seat with natural leather appeal and an extra layer of comfort
  • Elastic flex-fit strap easily secures to a wide variety of vehicle seat types and stays in place
  • Protects and tastefully enhances without having to cover the entire seat; complements a variety of interiors
  • Measures 18.5 inches wide by 40.6 inches tall by .79 inches thick

The Kool Kooshion Faux Leather Full Seat Cushion simply looks like it belongs in your car or truck's interior. Not only does it tastefully add the look of real leather, it's amazingly comfortable and protects your seat over the long haul. The inner cushion is padded with comfort-soft 100% polyurethane foam, and generously ventilated for extra comfort. The faux leather material is soft, durable 100% polyurethane that complements a wide variety of interiors. It's also 100% water repellent protective, and features a flex-fit elastic strap that easily and securely slips onto any seat and stays put. Whether your seats are old, new, worn or perfect, this is one cushion you'll be proud to have on them. Even better, it's amazingly affordable. And it's offered by Kool Kooshion, a highly trusted brand that introduced one of the first ventilated car seat cushions ever sold way back in 1919.