Memory Foam Travel Seat Cushion

by Relaxzen
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  • Uniquely designed with specially contoured seat front, expanded 1-inch forward for improved leg and back support
  • Body-responsive 100% Memory Foam uniquely forms to individual body temperature
  • Added no-slip rubber backing prevents cushion from sliding, regardless of seating type
  • 100% polyester cover is easily removable and completely washable
  • Ideally fit for any vehicle seat, airplane seat, wheelchair, office chair or wherever prolonged seating is required

The Relaxzen Memory Foam Travel Seat Cushion is a travel companion you'll never want to leave behind. Its design includes a number of enhancements that make sitting less stressful on the back and legs for more supportive comfort. For example, the seat front is extended an extra inch forward. The front is also slightly more contoured. These small things can add up to big benefits, especially on long trips. Plus, you're sitting on 100% Memory Foam for the ultimate in form-fitting comfort, covered in 100% polyester that's completely removable and washable. And you stay in position, thanks to the cushion's no-slip rubber backing. The result is healthier, more comfortable seating that can eliminate lower back and leg numbness. This cushion is ideal for any vehicle seat, airline seat, wheelchair, office chair, or wherever prolonged seating is required. Priced right with tremendous value, from an early innovator in massage seating.