AirFlex Full Back Cushion (Beige) (60-271008)

by AirFlex
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  • The first full back auto seat cushion that intuitively conforms to any natural body curvature
  • Unique pre-inflated pocket of fixed air compression, highly durable and tightly sealed 
  • Reversible 2-sided upholstery with soft PVC leather and Plush
  • QuickSnap no hassle installation fits most vehicle seats; styling matches most interiors
  • Measures 18.5 wide by 2 inches thick by 55 inches tall (unfolded)

Thanks to a truly innovative air motion system, the AirFlex Full Back Seat Cushion enhances proper posture and back stabilization like never before. Each time you sit down, AirFlex flexes to you and only you, no matter who you are. What's more, it comes with a number of extra comforts and conveniences. So how does AirFlex work? It uses a pre-inflated pocket of fixed air compression that form-fits to your upper, mid, and lower back while you're seated. That compression is carefully configured to provide just the right amount of support. No air gets in or out because it's securely sealed within a strong thermoplastic elastomer. AirFlex also comes with reversible upholstery that adapts to the weather or your personal style. One side is soft PVC leather, the other is cool breathable mesh. Installation is a QuickSnap, which is AirFlex's special connector. QuickSnap easily aligns to your headrest posts, then slides and snaps into place with bottom anchors that tuck in for extra stability. Miles ahead in auto seat full back support, AirFlex is the ideal fit for any back and any budget. Offered by Kool Kooshion, which introduced one of the first ventilated car seat cushions ever in 1919.